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FCSA Accredited umbrella payroll services

iConsult are a UK Umbrella payroll service provider renowned for our expertise in compliance and reliability. We provide first-class contractor Umbrella services in Birmingham, and throughout the West Midlands, for contractors, freelancers, temps and self-employed CIS workers. Our services are fully FCSA accredited and compliant.

Recruiters and agencies throughout Birmingham use us for compliant, hassle-free payroll umbrella services. iConsult help recruitment agencies by facilitatating payroll for contractors, freelancers and temporary workers, including limited company PSC contractors. Our procedures are regularly and independently audited, ensuring we match the expectations of HMRC. For recruiters, this gives the peace of mind you can only get through working with a compliant, highly reputable payroll provider.

If you’re a recruiter or agency in Birmingham or nearby in the wider West Midlands, our fast and easy set-up means your contractors can be paid promptly and without stress. We also make sure that your contractors are 100% compliant, and we take care of all your contractor legislation, including IR35.

Your contractors will be in safe hands with our dedicated team always on call to manage any queries you or your contractors may have.

Contractors may use the services of an Umbrella Company when they either don’t want to run their own business or they plan on only short-term contract work.

Working under a PAYE Umbrella offers protection to contractors, because the umbrella company becomes the Employer of Record, entirely removing the risk of being caught under IR35. Workers are a PAYE employee of the umbrella company and are paid minus all applicable tax and NI deductions. The payments from the client or agencies are made gross to the umbrella company.

Contractors would be entitled to the employee benefits such as holiday and sick pay, pension contributions and all statutory rights.

Compliance, transparency and reliability are our core values and are at the forefont of everything we do. Contact us to find out more.

Castlemead, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AG

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